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Little Solutions To Little Everyday Inconveniences


Your human friends and/or the humans you date don't seem to understand the reasons for your actions and/or for your beliefs even though you articulate the reasons very clearly.


As harsh a reality as it may be, vampires need to be in romantic relationships with vampires and/or demons. Sure you can have friends that are human because they can sincerely care about you, but they won't be able to help you when you need them to give you advice or to cheer you up. They either change the subject, suggest something to take your mind off of your concerns, tell you the things they're concerned about, or complain about what you're complaining about along with you. Me and other vampires I've observed are very unsatisfied with such responses, requiring that other individual to have had experiences that evoked the same feelings and for that individual to have a concern for you that can be seen in his/her face and heard in his/her voice. Humans may be able to do that now and then, but they are relatively indifferent and confused all too often.


As you age, your abilities become less strong than they once were.


What a blessing! You will feel all the more pleasant and relieved the next time you astral project!

To feed, you may have to take energy from a variety of sources. I recommend nature because the energy in nature is neutral, so you don’t have to put energy into purifying it-and if you’re feeding in nature you won’t be wasting too much energy while there because you’ll be relaxing! Camping would be particularly helpful because you’d get energy from the plants, your fire pit or barbeque, any weather conditions that come about, and the moon.


You hate the cold, but you don't like to be hot either.


In hot temperatures, molecules are packed together, bouncing against each other like a game of pinball or table tennis. The closer they are together, the more kinetic energy [momentum] is given off when they bounce [could overload a vampire with energy]. In cold temperatures, molecules move apart [could cause a vampire to need more energy]. However, sunlight, bright lights, and bright colors disturb vampires whether he/she is feeling hot or cold, so let's address those as something separate.

If you're cold or hot [but not exposed to direct sunlight], combat the temperature the way humans do.

vampires tend to keep their homes the same temperature all the time, and that temperature is typically in-between hot and cold. Those that lean their temperature at home a little more towards warmth, tend to also imbue the home with humidity [air with water vapors in it]. To humidify a room, boil water, hang a line of damp laundry [squeeze out the dripping water first], and keeping houseplants [the bigger the better]. Vampires that lean their home's temperature a little more towards the cold, tend to also imbue the home with dampness [which, ironically, is dry air]. To dehumidify [induce dampness], light candles [I suggest making your own because a lot of scented candles contain parabins] or burn champa [incense made from the resin, halmaddi, of the ailanthus malabarica tree] incense [make these yourself too, or make sure you get ones without harmful chemicals].


You don't like artificial lights, and certainly not sunlight.


Colors are wavelengths on the electromagnetic spectrum. White is all colors, and black is absence of all color and of all light.

Vampires tend to not mind white because, I hypothesize, that it's not a particular color so it doesn't have all of its energy in one place, thus not giving off too much energy.
Vampires tend to like black because it doesn't give off energy, being that it's not a color.

Vampires typically don't like to be struck with high energy in the form of sunlight or bright colors [other than white] because, I hypothesize, it's difficult to dumb down the affect of a strong energy source that stays just as strong all the time.

Flashing lights [such as fluorescent lights] blare strong energy strikes each time the light flashes.

The flickering of fire doesn't bother vampires because it's weaker energy or because the energy in nature is neutral.

Vampires are affected by energy strikes because when a vampire has too much energy, the balance of energies [stored in the chakras??] gets thrown off, short-circuiting him/her.

So, when outdoors, try to wear white or a less potent shade like antiqued-white [sunlight is absorbed the least into white, and absorbed the most into black]; when indoors, wear black [or gray] or white and try to keep your home in that color scheme; use candles [that you make yourself or that you know are free of chemicals] and a fireplace or a wood-burning stove to provide lighting; and keep your windows covered with thick curtains to keep out sunlight.


You want to sleep during daytime, or have trouble sleeping any time.


I hypothesize that vampires tend to want to sleep during daytime either due to energy overload from sunlight, due to a primal fight-or-flight responce that wants to avoid humans by trying to make you nocturnal, or both.

To stay awake during the day time, make sure you get sleep during the night time. I recommend 12 hours if you can. I know that must sound like you'd have no time for fun after work or school, but if you're energized during the day, you'll have more fun at work/school and decrease your chances of getting sick [colds, flus, etc. attack weak immune systems] from co-workers/classmates.

To help you fall asleep, listen to the sounds of nature, drink a tea with camomile and rosewater and rosehips, holding onto something with familiar memories and familiar energies [your spouse, a stuffed animal even if it's new, a small dog, etc.], listen to the hum of the breathing of someone sleeping next to you or of a pet [don't listen to your own because that will make you tired when you're trying to meditate and whatnot], burn a scent of scented candle or incense that you are only going to burn when you want to sleep [make the candles and incense yourself or make sure they don't have harmful chemicals], repeat positive affirmations [such as "I am a strong energy worker" if you want to be better at energy work] out-loud or in your head [they're more affective out-loud], or visualizing yourself succeeding at something you want to be better at in as much detail possible and feeling the environment [the cold floor, the excitement, the sip of lukewarm water, the feeling of accomplishment, etc.] as thoroughly as possible and do the visualization over and over until you fall asleep.

You might want to try sleeping in a confined space because you might feel safer [and so, more relaxed] knowing that you control the conditions within your confined space: you notice if anyone or anything enters it and you are in control of the energy in your confined space if someone/something does enter. Your confined space can be an enclosed bed [such as a coffin, a tent, a bed with curtains on all sides, or a bed with a "mosquito net canopy"], sleeping in a closet, or an ordinary living space that you transform into an enclosed space [for example, putting a sleeping bag in the corner of a room and blocking the area from the rest of the room by putting up a bamboo curtain at night that is stored away during the day].


You don't have access to human blood as often as you'd like, and you have cravings for it.


Try drinking wine [its powerful and looks like blood so maybe you can trick your mind into believing it's blood], hot drinks [they give you that rich, warm feeling inside], or fruit juice [gives energy and tastes refreshing]; or try eating fresh juicy fruit [tastes succulent like sucking on skin to get to the blood] or juicy seafood [same reason as juicy fruit]. For breakfast [most important meal of the day], I suggest drinking something thick and filling [cornmeal, oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits, rice in saltwater, apple sauce, etc.].

You could also try exercising [releases endorphins], astral projecting to your blood source and taking the blood psychically through creative visualization, dreamwalking to your blood source and taking the blood psychically through creative visualization, or taking a nap [giving your body some time to rejouvenate].

Whatever you do, don't drink animal blood or eat bloody meat. You'll get sick and it won't do you any good anyhow. You drink the lifeforce energy in blood, and you don't find that in animal blood, or at least not a kind that's satisfying to you.


You [like me] love the taste of blood and find it makes you stronger, but you faint or get nauseous if you see, or even think about, blood.


I find that a drop/a sip of blood makes me stronger, but thinking about or looking at blood for more than a few moments at a time makes me faint and makes my blood pressure drop letally low, so I now drink a drop of blood more often than I used to so that I get the strength without being afraid of getting sick. I also [only while laying down, incase I'll get sick] tell myself 30 times before going to sleep "I am brave around blood." You might also want to try putting a drop of blood in a glass of wine now and then so that you get used to drinking blood [that may cause your body to reject it to a less harsh degree].

Have a friend put you under past-life regression until you find potential reason that you're anxious around blood. I was tortured in my most recent past-life for being a vampire, and learning that made me a little stronger against blood because it provided closure.

This page was most recently updated 3/6/09.

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