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Being Tired During The Day Time

I hypothesize that vampires tend to want to sleep during daytime either due to energy overload from sunlight, due to a primal fight-or-flight response that wants to avoid humans by trying to make you nocturnal, or both.

To stay awake during the day time, make sure you get sleep during the night time. I recommend 12 hours if you can. I know that must sound like you'd have no time for fun after work or school, but if you're energized during the day, you'll have more fun at work/school and decrease your chances of getting sick [colds, flus, etc. attack weak immune systems] from co-workers/classmates.

To Sleep Better

A. Sleep in a confined space because you might feel safer knowing that you control the conditions within your confined space: you notice if anyone or anything enters it and you are in control of the energy in your confined space if someone/something does enter. Confined spaces can be sleeping in a closet, sleeping in an enclosed bed [a coffin, a bed with curtains on all sides, or a bed with a “mosquito net canopy”], or an ordinary living space that you transform into an enclosed space [for instance, blocking off a corner of a room at night by putting up a bamboo curtain]

B. Repeat positive affirmations [such as "I am a strong energy worker" if you want to be better at energy work] out-loud or in your head [they're more affective out-loud]; or visualizing yourself succeeding at something you want to be better at in as much detail possible and feeling the environment [the cold floor, the excitement, the sip of lukewarm water, the feeling of accomplishment, etc.] as thoroughly as possible and do the visualization over and over until you fall asleep.

C. Listen to the sounds of nature. Going camping for a day or walking along a nature trail may help you practice tuning in to those sounds.

D. Hold onto something with familiar memories and familiar energies [your spouse, a stuffed animal even if it’s new, a small dog, etc.]

E. Drink a tea with chamomile, lavender, rosewater, and rosehips in it.