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Panicking Around Blood
[Whether Or Not You Drink Blood, Read This]

Don’t ignore this issue by simply choosing to not drink blood, because there's always the chance that you will get hurt and have to dress your wound, or a friend's wound.

This problem may be less debilitating and/or frequent as you grow older, but it’s important to take a proactive approach in combating this condition because it could cause you to faint. You could faint while driving. You could faint, falling headfirst onto a sharp object. Moreover, fainting can cause lethal plunges in blood pressure.

When You Feel A Bout Of Nausea Or Dizziness Ensuing

1. Lay down, sit down, or stay seated

2. Lean forward, bowing your head [to get faster circulation to your brain]

3. Take slow, deep breathes [fast breathing will make the problem worse]

4. Take a deep breath, tighten the muscles of your body, and exhale. Repeat this process.

Remember that if you think about getting sick around blood, your brain will think you’re actually seeing blood during that thought and actually get as sick around blood that you’re picturing, and so your brain sends the signals to other parts of your body to react the way you’re imagining and do so while you’re imagining it. That is why the following techniques should help you cope with blood.

To Get Over The Fear

A. Have a friend put you under past-life regression until you find a potential root cause of your fear of blood. This could provide you with closure.

B. Before going to sleep, recite a positive affirmation at least 30 times in your head or out loud [aloud is more affective] until you get over your fear [ex. “I am strong around blood.”]. If you’re afraid to use the word blood, leave it out [ex. “I am strong.”] or leave it out until you’re comfortable to use it. Don’t use any words that have negative words within them [ex. use “brave” instead of unafraid]. Recite half of your affirmations in first person [“I, Heather Purri, am strong around blood.”] and recite the other half in third person [“She, Heather Purri, is stong around blood.”].

C. Put a drop of blood in your drink once in a while to get your body used to not rejecting blood when you drink it. If you put it in wine, you’ll also kill the bacteria in the blood while you’re at it.