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Wheel Of The Year

In Vampirism, the Wiccan Wheel Of The Year is used, but in a different way.

The Wheel Of The Year represents 8 holidays that have been for the most part universally celebrated around the world throughout time. To Wiccans, these holidays are significant because they echo the state of crops and livestock during different seasons of the year in places where changes in the four seasons are very noticeable.

Vampires usually do rituals indoors, gravitate to cities, often live in places where the weather is relatively the same year-round, use few ritual tools, and discard metaphysical practices not relevant to being a vampire [unless the vampire also happens to practice Wicca], making the Wheel Of The Year a dramatically different interpretation to the vampire.

Instead, vampires ascribe holidays to those universal dates because of the changes in the behavior of energies throughout the year. The year is at certain times in the Darkside, indicating the degree that spirits can influence this dimension; and at other times in the Lightside, indicating the degree of importance material things hold.
It’s interesting to note that the Wheel Of The Year starts in the Darkside [giving in to the Lightside on the holiday Ostara] and ends in the Darkside.

The Holidays

So let the Wheel Of Life turn!

Wheel Of The Year
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