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The Symbolism Of Vampires

Vampires [real vampires, vampire of folklore, and vampires of fiction] are generally characterized by the worldview that was present during antiquity but without religious conviction.


Vampires generally value chivalry, loyalty, and personal responsibility; practice esoteric traditions-such as royal court protocol, Victorian etiquette, dueling, and magic-that reinforce such values.

However, even though religion was central in the ancient world, vampires generally donít subscribe to a consistent religion or spiritual tradition. Instead, vampires hold on to spiritual practices that are relevant to the vampireís innate nature.

These characteristics allow the vampire to live a purposeful existence with the anticipation that each day will be filled with wonder.

The Symbolism Of Aspects Of Nature Innate To Real Vampires

SPIRITUAL IMMORTALITY allows vampires to atone for past shortcomings and to learn spiritual and metaphysical practices from cultures all over the world.

CASTES shape a vampireís personality.

MANIFESTING can be associated with trust because manifesting [influencing emotions] is often used in conjunction with sadomasochism.
Sadomasochism can raise energy or draw blood inspired with potent emotions like anticipation, surprise, and fear. To execute sadomasochism, there is always a prior agreement on what will be permitted and what indicates stopping a technique that doesnít feel comfortable, so breaking trust during sadomasochism could easily result in death.

CENTERING goes hand in hand with what is called twilight. Twilight is taking care of dayside pursuits [oneís job, volunteer work, pets, etc.] so that youíre able to pursue nightside activities [vampire-related activities, metaphysical practices, private introspection, etc.] without burdening those around you [such as borrowing money from friends, being late for meetings, falling asleep while working, etc.]. If you canít help yourself, you canít affectively help others.

FEEDING ON RAW ENERGY is associated with feeling greater satisfaction from the positive aspects of life due to exposure to the negative aspects of life. That is, since vampires have an ancient worldview, they donít fully subscribe to modern ethics and so have more exposure to the more controvertial and stark facets of life. After experiencing the negative parts of life, the positive parts are embraced without greed for something better. The act of feeding on raw energy is itself indicative of this symbiosis because it is largely considered negative to consume life from an individual; but it is positive that in the process, stagnant energy, negative energy, and negative emotions are also purged.

FEEDING ON THE ENERGY IN BLOOD represents a protective bond. Babies are born bloody and many individuals die blood-soaked, so blood widely represents life and death simultaneously; thus, blood often too represents resurrection. Vampires need to feed on energy, so when a vampire feeds, his/her physical and mental functions are resurrected to their optimum performance. The difference between feeding on raw energy and on feeding on the energy intertwined with blood that makes drinking blood an act of protection is that while the energy in blood can be manipulated, the blood itself by default rather than by choice will remain. In fact, there are red amulets used for protection from harm found in Ancient Egyptian tombs that represent the blood of Isis.