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The House Twilight Playground Sigil

The Sigil of House Twilight Playground [whose hieroglyphic meaning is "Immortality Is Transformation"] is composed of a silver ankh and a scarab beetle that is spirit [clear] quartz with the middle body segment as black hematite, who is embracing the ankh on all sides.

I found out that I am a vampire from a past life memory. It showed me around age 20 in the 1970's [A.D.] and continued on into the 1980's. In my current life, I was born 1989 and I've always had a hatred of anything having to do with the 1970's and the 1980's without knowing why. Evidently I don't like those decades because when I lived during them I had a boyfriend who tortured me for being a vampire [He killed me in 1989.]. Nonetheless, I relentlessly taught other individuals vampire teachings from Ancient Egypt and practiced vampire spirituality, calling myself a priestess. The most important lesson I taught about vampires was healing other individuals. To purge a psychic vampire of negative energy collected from healing someone, I would give him/her spirit quartz; and to purge a sanguine vampire of negative energy collected from healing someone, I would give him/her black hematite.

It's noteworthy that in this life I didn't know what hematite was until researching it after that memory. I sifted through "Cunningham's Encyclopedia Of Crystal, Gem, And Metal Magic" by Scott Cunningham, "Crystals" by Anthea Courtenay and Rose Palmer, and "Love Crystals: Energize Your Love Life With The Power Of Crystals" by Judy Hall. They are my sources for the metaphysical significance of the hematite, spirit quartz, and silver.

The Components Of The Sigil

A. The hieroglyphic meaning of the Sigil, in terms of House Twilight Playground, is interpreted to mean: what makes you stand out in any life on the physical plane or in the astral realm is that you are open-minded and that you don't use your influence for selfish personal agendas.

B. The black hematite on the Sigil represents the Warrior Caste of vampires. Hematite...

During past-life regression sessions with House Member Ana, she visited Ancient Egypt c. 2610 B.C. when she and I were Priestesses of a temple of Vampirism, and she saw that red ochre [black hematite when crushed makes the dye: red ochre] was used in ritual to represent the blood of Isis.

C. The spirit quartz on the Sigil represents the Priest Caste of vampires. Spirit quartz...

The Cherokee indians, at regular intervals, "fed" spirit quartz deer blood.

D. The silver on the Sigil represents the Counselor Caste of vampires. Silver...

Wiccans often use silver in conjunction with spirit quartz during full moon rituals.